A blue skateboard laying on the side. Seems to be cool.


You’re a rapper, an artist, a video- / film maker or vlogger? Do you love the sounds of Hip-Hop and want to implement it into your current project? Here you’ll find atmospheric sounds for every mood. All for less money!

Behritone and KRK Rokit speakers. Sounds nice.


This service is for those who just want to be creative: Use a leasing beat of mine, write and record the song – I’ll do the rest! The vocal mixing process will be part of my responsibility. You only have to upload the track!

100% free music.


If you don’t have the financial possibility or just think that my music isn’t worth to be leased: No problem! For everybody who creates content which needs ambient sounds, this is your address for free Hip-Hop music!

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My YouTube channel

The biggest part of my entire work can be found here on my YouTube-channel. In well-maintained playlists you’ll find my beats sorted by mood. With one simple click you’ll get on the channel – don’t forget to subscribe!

BrayZ Beats with a MPD 18 in front of his face.

About me

For interested parties: Here you can learn something about the producer and guy behind BrayZ Beats, his current career as well as his intentions and what else is going on behind the stage. Hello from Germany!

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Any questions?

You have a special request or you’re unclear about anything? You got suggestions, criticism or praise for me? Just send me an e-Mail through this contact form to get in touch with me – I’m looking forward to your messages!