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Jun 9, 2015
An old Mimeograph to show the "oldschool" feeling

Why oldschool beats, BrayZ?

Dear follower, Let me tell you something about BrayZ Beats. First of all I must say that the definition of „oldschool Hip Hop“ is not 100% correct. But just let me explain to you why it isn’t correct and why I’ve chosen this definition. I was born in the year 1991 – at this time, […]

Jun 9, 2015
Transparent YouTube Logo

YouTube-Channel „BrayZ Beats“

Ola my friends! Just for your information. The last days I’m in trouble with my internet presence. Why? Well, I just want to you to be able to have the best experience with BrayZ Beats and want to share my beats with you as easy as possible. Oldschool beats doesn’t mean that the distribution has to […]

Jun 5, 2015
Screenshot brayzyourself.com Homepage

Redesign „brayzyourself.com“

Whats’s up, folks! Welcome to my new, redesigned homepage. I’m proudly presenting you a simpler and nicer layout, including a fixed overview of all BrayZtrumentals (Exclusives, Leasing and For Free) and additionally a brandnew blog where I’ll inform you about all current news in the world of BrayZtrumentals. The page had to be as simple as possible […]